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Bitcoin India Millionaire: Meet Crorepati Akshay Haldipur

Very few in India can say “I am Bitcoin Millionaire”.

Currently owning a total of 77 Bitcoins, Akshay Haldipur is one of the very few who are the early adopters of virtual currency in India.

In 2013, he took a plunge into the world of cryptocurrency. And he is now a Bitcoin ‘Crorepati’.

His bet paid off! 
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Bitcoin Millionaire India- Akshay Haldipur


Akshay comes from the background of Penetration testing and web security. He is just like any other next-door geek—only much muscley and sporty.

He came in touch with the world of digital asset back in 2013 when the majority of people didn't even know the virtual currency meaning.

Intrigued with the potential of this market, he – along with friends – decided hit this path. However, unlike most of us, instead of purchasing through an exchange, they decided to earn Bitcoins through mining.

Sadly, their attempts failed. The bunch damaged their computers in the mining process, eventually giving up on this.

Soon after, Akshay purchased 24 Bitcoins, which would cost him around $200-$250 at that time. As the value of BTC increased, he decided to diversify his portfolio. So he sold some of this Bitcoins and invested the money in other Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, DASH, and Ripple.

In the following months and years, Akshay continued in his interest in Bitcoins. He made several investments. And now, currently, he holds 77 Bitcoins.

Now a Bitcoin Crorepati

If valued in today’s terms when 1 BTC is above $7500, he has more than $577,500. A crorepati indeed. Of course, this rich didn’t come to him overnight. But it did come without any effort whatsoever.

Drawing from his own experience and market knowledge, here are few tips Akshay give to the new Bitcoin enthusiasts:
  • Selling Bitcoins overnight because you have seen a drop is the most foolish thing one can do.
  • It’s advisable to not put all your Bitcoins in one exchange. Diversify them, increase your portals to three or four different types of exchanges.
  • The risk is not just of a price crash, but also of a government clampdown (Remember the rumors of Bitcoin Ban in India?). But if you take the risk you might just come out before the bad things hit the fan.
Coming from a crorepati who’s living a life that so many people wishes for, these tips on how to be a Bitcoin Millionaire don't sound so bad, does it?

(Source: Factor Daily)

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