Monday, November 27, 2017

Can Bitcoin Reach 10000 USD? (Yes, It’s Almost There!)

Can Bitcoin reach 10000 USD? When will Bitcoin reach 10000 USD? The answer is here!

It was imminent. But nobody was really sure when it will happen. The majority believed that it would be by the end 2017. However, like most of the times, Bitcoin didn’t fail to surprise all, standing true to its meteoric growth.

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Can Bitcoin Reach 10000 USD?
It’s not even December and Bitcoin is very near to the historic ATH $10,000 mark. While this figure isn’t any kind of a yardstick, it is a psychological milestone that reaffirms the fact the Bitcoin is here to stay.

After blowing past the $9,000 mark this Thanksgiving weekend, Bitcoin clocked the new All Time High (ATH) at $9,973 on November 27, appreciating by 8.24 percent in the last 24 hours. Only last week did it top $8,000.

Bitcoin’s market cap – its price multiplied by the number of existing coins – now stands at $163 Billion, which exceeds that of IBM, Disney or McDonalds.
bitcoin-news, when-will-bitcoin-reach-1000,
When Will Bitcoin Reach 10000 USD?
The increased trading volume has added sustainability to the market, ensuring the rally continues to $10,300-$10,400 levels. Of course, following this rising trend will be an adjustment, where the price may dip to up to $8500 before continuing in its bullish run for another ATH milestone.

So there might be a lot of actions for the short-term traders. As for the long-term players— sit back, relax and keep holding! And as for all those still debating if all of this is a big bubble—invest in Bitcoin. Today.

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