Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Christopher Koch Bitcoin Millionaire Story: Started with $27

Imagine you hid $27 somewhere and then forgot about it. And 4 years later, you found it. How would you react? Surprised? Psyched? Happy?

Meet Christopher Koch, who experienced something like this. Only, his $27 turned into million after 4 years.

How did that happen?

He didn’t hide his money in his home. He actually invested the amount in Bitcoins four years back—something very few people did. And now, with the price of this digital currency soaring high, he has added a million dollar to his bank account. By doing absolutely nothing!

Isn’t this a dream-come-true story?
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Christopher Koch Bitcoin Millionaire


In 2009, Christopher Koch – A Norwegian student who lives in Oslo – was working on a thesis paper about encryption. This introduced him to Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that was as good as non-existent back then. Without thinking much, he invested $27 to buy 5000 Bitcoins. (Yep, that’s how much was 1 Bitcoin worth in 2009!)

With no hope for any foreseeable reward, he soon forgot about his offhand investment.

Four years later, in 2013, when Bitcoin gained some momentum and was making headlines, Koch remembered about his purchase—and, thankfully, the password of his wallet. Upon opening his wallet, he found that his 5000 Bitcoins was now valued $886,000.

Now a Bitcoin Millionaire

With over $800K sitting in his account, Koch traded one-fifth of his total purchase and bought himself an apartment in Toyen, a posh area in Oslo.

In 2017, if he still has his remaining 4000 Bitcoins, Christopher Koch Net Worth would now be over $25 million. Not very bad for an investment of $27, is it?

(Source: The Guardian)

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