Sunday, November 26, 2017

What is Future of Bitcoin (OR Does Bitcoin Have Future?)

As digital currencies are inching closer to the mainstream, many people are wondering will Bitcoin be the future. More and more of them are trying to find out the future of Bitcoin price. And everyone is questioning if it’s just a bubble or will cryptocurrency last.
What is Future of Bitcoin?
In the last few days, Bitcoin has reached its all-time high by entering the USD 9000 region. And with how things are right now, it is entirely possible that hundreds of billions of dollars could pour in Bitcoin market within the next few years.

Future of Bitcoin 2018

The market has shown absolute confidence in the mid-term trend and performance of Bitcoin, especially after the announcement of the world’s largest options exchange company, CME. Launching a Bitcoin futures exchange by the end of 2017, and increasing the prospect of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approving Bitcoin by mid-2018 has further ensured a strong future for the same.

What are Bitcoin Futures?

It is a contract where users agree to buy or sell a specific amount of Bitcoin(s) once its value reaches a pre-determined price on a future date. It is similar to stock futures.)

Bitcoin future exchanges will allow investors to allocate money to Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, but only through strictly regulated channels like LedgerX and CME’s futures exchange.

It is very likely that hundreds of billions of dollars could become allocated into Bitcoin by the next decade. This would allow Bitcoin to evolve into a trillion dollar market cap. This is quite in sync with the fact that the market has been assured with the recent growth and trends of Bitcoin, as its price has surpassed the ATH $9,100 mark.

One Billion???

According to experts, to reach the $1 billion mark, the value of Bitcoin needs to increase by a 38,491,100% from its current value. Though it is unlikely, it is not impossible—not at least for Fox News. Check out the video below.

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