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$1 Million in 6 Months- Meet Bitcoin Millionaire Kingsley Advani

If you’re in your 20s, what is your biggest concern and dream right now? Likely, to make a successful career and more money.

bitcoin-millionaire, bitcoin-riches-stories, kingsley-advani-bitcoin
Bitcoin Millionaire Kingsley Advani

Now meet 24-years old Kingsley Advani who has already done these already—and is on a path to do much more. He is another fine example of Bitcoin millionaires whose fortune turned gold thanks to the meteoric and undying rise of this cryptocurrency.

And the best part? He isn’t even an early adopter of Bitcoin as is the case with other renowned names like that of Christopher Koch and Erik Finman in the Bitcoin millionaire club. Comparatively, he joined the party much later. But still, he had his very small initial investment turn into more than a million dollar in just 6 months.

Inspiring and interesting, right?


Kingsley Advani holds a number of college degrees in data mining, finance and alternate investments from renowned universities—Stanford, LSE, and the University of Melbourne.

bitcoin-millionaire, bitcoin-riches-stories, kingsley-advani-bitcoin
Bitcoin Millionaire Kingsley Advani

He was first introduced to Bitcoin in 2012 by one of his friends. However, he didn’t invest immediately. In fact, he chipped his money into the crypto-world after 5 years, in the summer of 2017.

Seeing it as the biggest opportunity, Advani sold his headphones, laptop, blanked his bank saving and even redirected his salary to invest in few Cryptocurrencies, as well as other Blockchain related startups. His total investment was around $34,000.

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Now A Bitcoin Millionaire

If measured in current valuation, Kingsley Advani has well over a million dollar in his bank account from his bet in Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NEO) just 6 months earlier.

bitcoin-millionaire, bitcoin-riches-stories, kingsley-advani-bitcoin
Bitcoin Millionaire Kingsley Advani

Naturally, seeing his wealth grow by a seamless margin, Advani quit his day job to expand his endeavor in the crypto-world. He now travels around the world, attending seminars and working as an advisor and angel investor.

He invests mainly in startups that are working to explore the application of Blockchain technology.

His Advice To Bitcoin Investors

Even before investing his money in Cryptocurrencies, Kingsley Advani used to spend a lot of time in reading the research papers on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology to understand the behavior of this emerging domain better.
bitcoin-millionaire, bitcoin-riches-stories, kingsley-advani-bitcoin
Bitcoin Millionaire Kingsley Advani

In his interview with Business Insider, he said he doesn’t focus too much on checking the current price and latest news in this industry. Instead, he spends all his time in reading white paper to know all the possibilities of cryptocurrency and where the crypto world is heading. And it is something he advises other Bitcoin investors and traders to do as well.

"I think at no point in human history have people in their twenties had such an opportunity to invest in such high-growth assets," Advani said in the interview. He also added that if someone is not ready to spend time in reading the research papers, they should not invest in Cryptocurrencies.

(Source- Business Insider)

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