Wednesday, May 2, 2018

9 Types of People You Will Find In This Bitcoin Era

There are over 28.5 million Bitcoin users with holdings more than 0.001 BTC. According to another report dated to November 2017, 12,000 Bitcoin transactions happen per hour.

In India, the popularity of this cryptocurrency is mounting with equal pace. Zebpay, India’s leading crypto exchange, is adding 200,000 new users every month.

Needless to say, we’re in Bitcoin era, where more and more people are striding towards this virtual currency in one way or another.

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Here are 9 types of people you will find in this Bitcoin era:

1. The ‘Who-What’ Clueless Ones
They know nothing about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency at large. None. Not a single clue. (They are a real gem!)

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2. The ‘I-Will-Talk-Only-About-Bitcoin’ Ones
Did you hear, Dan died yesterday” “He musta seen Bitcoin falling price

What’s up” “Not Bitcoin

No matter what you’re talking about, these people will always (somehow) manage to change the topic to Bitcoin.

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3. “It’s-All-A-Scam” Ones
They are old-school people. What they don’t understand, the thing’s a scam! And God forbid anyone believes otherwise.

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4. “When-will-you-buy-it” friend
These are people who have invested in Bitcoin and they constantly push their friends to invest in the cryptocurrency as well.

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5. ‘We’re-going-to-the-moon’ ones
These are ultra-optimistic people who always dream of becoming the next Bitcoin millionaire.

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6. The ‘I-think-the-price-will-dip-now’ ones
They don’t know squat about technical analysis. But whatever they say, it would feel like they have done quite a bit of research on the market.

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7. The ‘crypto-enthusiasts’ or experts
Bought few BTC, know how to buy and sell, and they call themselves “enthusiasts” or experts. You’ll find a large crowd of these people on social media.

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8. “Yeah-whatever” ones

These are sore people who have missed the boat and they know it too. They see others talking about Bitcoin and they hate the fact they don’t own some themselves. 

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9. ‘I-am-busy’ ones

They are the serious Bitcoin players who stay glued to their screen, watching the price movement, 24/7. For every plan, they are just too busy.

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Which one of these categories do your friends belong to? Share the article with them :)

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