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Who Will Inherit Your Bitcoin After You Die?

In a recent survey done by Blockchain Capital, it was revealed that 30% of those between the age 18 and 34 years would rather invest $1000 in Bitcoin than Government stocks and bonds.

The thought that Cryptocurrencies can become a good investment avenue – let alone take over stock market in preference – can come up as a big blow to the crypto-skeptics. But it’s very well true.

Cryptocurrencies are inching closer to the mainstream (if they aren’t already there yet). And the charm of equities is becoming a second thought. In fact, studies have found that only ONE IN THREE millennials are investing in the stock market compared to 51% prior to this generation.

So if you have invested in the likes of Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, do some hula-hoop. You’re an esteemed part of early adopters.

But in the mix of that celebration, it’s equally important to address the important aspects of your investment – important but often undermined.

No, it’s not the same old “will the price go up or down”.

We’re actually talking about the inheritance of your Cryptocurrencies!

Who Will Inherit Your Bitcoin After You Die?

Who Will Get Your Bitcoin After You Die?

If you have been investing in Cryptocurrencies lately, have you ever wondered what will happen if you die suddenly? How will your friends and family inherit these assets which are encrypted and heavily protected by passwords?

Because let’s admit it. As much hype as digital currencies have garnered with their skyrocketed price in a small span, it’s a long-term game with winners only those who have the patience to hold their portfolio intact long enough to enjoy optimum rewards.

So as a smart investor, it’s imperative that you care about all the various aspects of your investment, including the inheritance of your Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and other coins.

Did you know over $75 Billion worth of Bitcoin is lost forever? 

This is not owing to theft but due to misplacement of Private Keys and death of the account holders. So here’s an important question…

Would you rather have your Cryptocurrencies lost forever after you die or would you want your family and friends benefit from it when you leave?

Enter Safe Haven

The inheritance of your digital assets is certainly not something you may have thought about earlier. But here’s a simple fact – Life is unpredictable and with the increase in the number of strokes, heart disease, accidents, and so much other unfortunate instances, you never know what may happen to you right in the next moment.

This makes planning what would happen to your digital currencies after you die significant. Admittedly, it’s a complex topic, extremely confusing and uncertain to plan and execute. This is exactly where Safe Haven enters with its state-of-art solution that promises to effectively solve this prominent problem of the crypto community.

Safe Haven is a leading service that’s committed to make your assets easily inheritable. It brings a unique solution for protecting your Cryptocurrencies even when you are dead. It has an advanced infrastructure that’s designed to safely share the keys of Cryptocurrencies with your chosen people by using TFC share distribution key, Escrow Protocol and their Trust Alliance Program. Through its portal, Safe Haven ensures that these digital assets are optimally protected and securely inherited, if and when the need arises.

So, if you have always wanted to invest in Bitcoin but were scared of losing the asset in any unfortunate circumstance, Safe Haven is an ultimate answer for you.

Insure Your Family Gets All Digital Assets After You Die

Inherit Your Digital Assets with SafeHaven.io and LawRato.com

You love your family. Insure them with the right measures so that even after you are dead, they are financially adept to live happily. Bequesting of your Cryptocurrencies isn’t difficult and insecure anymore.

To provide its solution, Safe Haven has joined hands with LawRato as its Legal Partner to facilitate inheritance of digital assets in India. Safe Haven has legal entities as validators who divide the data (private keys) into a number of shares. The obtained shares of stakeholders are managed as a legal certificate by a notary and/or a hardware ledger.

LawRato.com is an interactive online platform that makes it faster and easier to find and hire the best Lawyers in any city/court in India. With over 25,000 lawyers from across India on its platform and over 10 Lakh monthly visitors, at LawRato you can find first-rate professionals and legal advice from the best Lawyers out there.

Experienced, well-equipped, and reliable — the promising partnership between Safe Haven and LawRato assures the inheritance of digital assets in India is as easy, convenient and secure as possible.

So if you haven’t already thought about your future yet, do it. Make sure that when you die, your Cryptocurrencies don’t get lost forever but rather go to your parents, spouse or child.

(This is a sponsored post, in association with LawRato.com.)

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