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Investing in Bitcoin could be a big decision. Let’s make sure it’s not a wrong one!

Before you take a step, it’s very crucial that you know what you’re getting yourself into and that you’re 100 percent sure your investment in this cryptocurrency will return you high monetary rewards.

It is imperative that you understand every aspect of this decision— and are well acquainted with the basics. Because we know the rule…

Never put your money in something that you don’t understand.

So let’s take small steps to get things started.

First, let’s get the very basic correct...

Learn Everything About Bitcoin India

Read this article to understand all the fundamentals of Bitcoin – its definition, history, creator, the technology it works on and more. It’s written for the complete novice, covering different basic-level aspects of Bitcoin in full detail.

Moving on, let’s address the biggest concern about Bitcoin investment among Indians.

Is Bitcoin Banned in India?

Read the complete post to understand if Bitcoin is banned in India and what steps Indian government can take to control this decentralized market. If Indian authorities can shut down Bitcoin exchanges or not.

What If Bitcoin Becomes Illegal in India?

It’s very unlikely that Bitcoin will become illegal in India. However, there’s always some room for such policies to be introduced in the system. So if any such case arises, it is important that you know what steps you can take to keep your money safe.

These two articles will keep you safe as an Indian Bitcoin investor. You would be safe from all the hoaxes and rumors about Bitcoin becoming illegal.

Now that you know all the necessary information you need to know, it’s time to take things a notch higher.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Buy Bitcoin In India

This guide will introduce you to the entire process of buying and selling Bitcoin in India. It’s very comprehensive article, covering every step from top to bottom in complete detail. How to buy Bitcoin, how to sell Bitcoin, how to create an account, where to create an account and everything in between. Take your time to read the article in full.

15 Bitcoin Exchanges in India

After you know how to buy Bitcoin, it’s time now to cover where to Bitcoin in India. The mentioned article covers all the major Indian Bitcoin Exchanges, also including their pros and cons. Plus, you will also find free Bitcoin coupons to get free Bitcoins.

After reading this article, you would know exactly where you should buy your Bitcoin and which exchange is better than others.

Now if you want to Buy Bitcoin using an app, we’ve got you covered here as well.

Best App To Buy Bitcoin in India

This article covers all the options available to Buy Bitcoin in India using an app. Sure having an app on your phone to trade Bitcoin makes things much easier. So read the post and start buying and selling Bitcoin on-the-go.

Bitcoin Trading for Beginners

Now you can either invest in Bitcoin for a long-term (buy and hold) or you can decide to make some more money every day from day-trading. If you’re planning to day-trade Bitcoin and cut profit out of market volatility, give this article a read. It outlines all the mistakes you can make and how you can avoid them to stay safe.

If you need motivation, we’ve got you covered even here...

Bitcoin Millionaire

The upper link will open several Bitcoin Millionaire stories to keep you motivated throughout the journey. You will find the stories of Christopher Koch, Akshay Haldipur and Erik Finman highly inspiring. Hopefully, these articles will give you the right ideas of good things that are to come for you in days ahead.

If things look doubtful, read Bitcoin Price Prediction 2018.

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If you have more questions, check out Frequently Asked Questions About Bitcoin.

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